Local Artists – Rachel Rachel

Add the People’s Choice BASSINTHEGRASS stage to the list of places you’ve performed, and play alongside iconic Australian bands that we all know and love!

Local bands and artists residing in the Northern Territory are encouraged to make a submission to be considered. It is an enormous opportunity for bands of all ages and genres to get your name into the public sphere, meet the hottest Australian acts, asks questions and play alongside your faves!

You've voted, and the winner is... RACHEL RACHEL! 

Rachel was born into a family of musicians. Partly due to this, but mostly due to the fact that there was very little to do in the small country town she grew up in, she began writing songs from a very young age. Rachel recently moved to Darwin to play music full time and focus on finishing recording her first album which has been a long time in the waiting. Over the years she has definitely found her own very distinctive sound. She has developed her own niche of acoustic rap that not many artists delve into, particularly not women. With skillful guitar, beautiful vocals, fast spitting rhymes and catchy as all hell pop songs, she is going to be doing big things in 2017.